Custom Phosphorylation

Notice: SoluLink bioconjugation products and support are now available only through Vector Laboratories , a sister Maravai LifeSciences portfolio company. For all inquiries contact Customer Service (800-227-6666 or ) or Technical Support (650-697-3600 or ).

TriLink has produced hundreds of custom nucleosides to our clients' exacting specifications. These include modified nucleosides and nucleoside polyphosphates, including mono-, di- and tri-phosphates. This experience has allowed development of high yielding synthetic strategies and purification techniques to deliver the most challenging compounds to advance your research.

We carry a diverse selection of over 150 stocked modified nucleosides, but if the compound you are interested in is not available as a stocked product our nucleoside experts can synthesize it at the scale and purity you need. All we need to get started is the structure, yield and purity requirements. TriLink's in-house quality control group allows analysis of intermediates and final products by RP- and AX-HPLC, 31P and 1H NMR, Mass Spec and LC-MS.

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