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Sugar Modified NTPs

TriLink offers a wide selection sugar modified nucleoside triphosphates. These include 2′-modified as well as 2′, 3′ dideoxynucleoside triphosphates for use in chain termination. These include post-synthetically-modifiable 2′ amino ddNTP for linking to various surfaces or molecules, as well as conjugations to 2′ azido ddNTP for click chemistry applications.

We also offer sugar-modified RNA nucleotides, which impart nuclease resistance to RNA. The molecule retains the A-form duplex structure characteristic of RNA, but modification of the 2′ hydroxyl, which is often crucial to either the binding or the activity of the nuclease enzyme, will offer a level of protection against degradation and other enzymatic events. The most popular sugar modified NTPs are the 2′ O-methyl modified NTPs, followed by the 2′ fluoro-modified NTPs. Both of these modifications increase the melting temperature of a duplex by 1 to 3°C per insertion, depending on which modification is used, the base, and position within the nucleic acid chain. Browse our selection sugar modified NTPs.

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